London Belongs To Me

Took a tube to Camden Town, walked down Park Way and settled down

In the shade of a willow tree someone hovering over me

Close my eyes and breathe out slowly

Today the sunshine loves me only

To the sound of the World of Twist you leant over and gave me a kiss

It’s too warm to even hold hand

But that won’t stop us from making plans

Close our eyes and breathe out slowly

Today London loves us only

Do you ever wonder where we’ve been?

Do you ever wonder where we’re going?

Just close your eyes

Just close your eyes and breathe out slowly

Tonight the world loves you only


Junk The Morgue

You can look at the stars, look at the ocean

The answer’s somewhere here’s I reckon

Close your eyes kiss the future junk the morgue

Leave the planet junk the morgue

You can look at the stars junk the morgue

Leave the planet…


Archway People

When you told me your dream I wanted to cry

You almost looked happy please don’t tell me it’s true

All our neighbours are old, street-lamp buzzes all night

There’re some nice parts of London

You can see them from here

We both walk til late, catch the fifty-eight

Usually asleep by eleven but somehow it didn’t seem right

When you turned and said “Let’s go mad tonight”

So we drank and danced – for once I felt close to you

You’re not going to change

We’re not moving away

We’re staying here.



Dreaming that you’re in my world, wishing like a little girl, watching closely you suddenly appear. Like a dream you’re gone then you’re here. You take to emotion like a bird to flight. You drop an invitation, maybe I just might be your lover or better a friendly acquaintance. Truly as I duly pay my love to you like maintenance. You’re realistic your face conceal. Accentuate the passion I will reveal. You’re like an angel that delights with the day. I’m pleading don’t ever go away. Story’s reaching peak the outlook is bleak. Please talk, say that you’ll speak. You’re strong and I’m weak I need the fortune at the end of the rainbow I see you like a lantern you have a certain glow. Your smile is warm soft forever appealing. Whenever you are present like a letter I’m sealing. My love like a dove that blesses from above. The shower in an hour won’t you let me be your towel? Affection affects you like a weapon. You’re extreme and supreme and nothing that you seem. A fateful chance with a twist of hope. I’ll be with you all the way down the magical slope.Dont be afraid I’m with you everywhere. Gliding through enchanted waters to you I swear. Expression is the key it’s good enough for me. Can’t you see forever yours. There’s a feeling of warmth, a serious sensation. It’s true, you have that good vibration. Your charm is overwhelming you have reaches that I seldom see, just let me be the one.


Sad for Europe

I don’t know if I’m wasting my time

Everyday you’re getting harder to find

Makes me wonder if it’s all in my mind

But it keeps me hanging on

You keep saying you’re doing your best

Still your East don’t meet my West

So I take a look around compare you to the rest

But it keeps me hanging on

What does it take to break trough to make your earth move

If I could live

What does it take to reach you

What do I have to prove

If I could live in the moment with you

What would I do?

And you with your mass serenade

Love everybody you remember their names

To them you’re vision, a dancer in the rain

To you they’re all the same

What do I have to do

What do I have to do

What do I have to do to make your earth move

What does it take to reach you

What do I have to prove?

What does it take what does it take

Gonna make your earth move

I wanna make your earth move


Sad for Middle East

As the sun went down and kissed the ground where the breathless lie

And the whole world seemed to close her doors and wait outside

So we fixed our eyes on paradise and Western Worlds

And all the cries of pain I wish they heard

Though you say your side is our side and that we’ve got a common goal

Only them who stand in firing lines could ever be the ones to know

When life depends a crime a spoken word

And another war is won or lost in foreign blood

Another dawn another pawn a soldier’s day

Watch the skies and touch your heart and kneel and pray

Anytime as time goes by….

Prey they’ll never break us down in blessed days

I’d die before you’ll ever take our blessed ways

I’m not coming back to stand that


Run Away From Home

We hadn’t had our tea for long

When you said there’s something wrong

Can I take this once again

You know I’d like to be your friend

Behind the wheel of my Capri

It seems it like no-one noticed me

And now you’re coming out from work

And deep inside I feel so hurt

I saw the people crowding round

You didn’t move or make a sound

Sky so overcast and grey

And something happened here today

She’s got to run, run away from home

You know she’s gotta run

Run away from home