Dreaming that you’re in my world, wishing like a little girl, watching closely you suddenly appear. Like a dream you’re gone then you’re here. You take to emotion like a bird to flight. You drop an invitation, maybe I just might be your lover or better a friendly acquaintance. Truly as I duly pay my love to you like maintenance. You’re realistic your face conceal. Accentuate the passion I will reveal. You’re like an angel that delights with the day. I’m pleading don’t ever go away. Story’s reaching peak the outlook is bleak. Please talk, say that you’ll speak. You’re strong and I’m weak I need the fortune at the end of the rainbow I see you like a lantern you have a certain glow. Your smile is warm soft forever appealing. Whenever you are present like a letter I’m sealing. My love like a dove that blesses from above. The shower in an hour won’t you let me be your towel? Affection affects you like a weapon. You’re extreme and supreme and nothing that you seem. A fateful chance with a twist of hope. I’ll be with you all the way down the magical slope.Dont be afraid I’m with you everywhere. Gliding through enchanted waters to you I swear. Expression is the key it’s good enough for me. Can’t you see forever yours. There’s a feeling of warmth, a serious sensation. It’s true, you have that good vibration. Your charm is overwhelming you have reaches that I seldom see, just let me be the one.


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